The Seipp/Sheets Trumpet and Organ Duo

“You thought you were coming today to hear a trumpeter.  Wrong!  You heard a superb musician whose instrument happens to be the trumpet.  Six of them, as a matter of fact, were required for Dr. Chuck Seipp to achieve the various tone qualities that he was able to elicit from them.  Couple this with an equally-gifted organist, Dr. Randall Sheets, and you have a program that elicited an instantaneous standing ovation from a very excited audience.  All of this happened today at a L’Organo recital, part of Piccolo Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC.”            Dr. Robert Gant / Chair, L’Organo 6/5/19

“I had the pleasure of traveling to the west coast of Florida to meet with leaders from the Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa AGO chapters. I attended a wonderful masterclass by Chuck Seipp and Randall Sheets, The Seipp/Sheets Duo. The following day I witnessed their beautiful concert where they received many standing ovations. As you begin planning your year of programs, I encourage you to consider booking their masterclass and/or concert. They are consummate artists with a great sense of humor!”                                                    Elizabeth George, Chief Membership Officer, American Guild of Organists  4/3/22

“You could call Randy and Chuck’s program an organ and trumpet recital, but it was so much more than that. To say their recital was entertaining would be an understatement—their concert was probably one of the most engaging programs I’ve ever been to. Their use of visual effects greatly enhanced their musical selections, which would have been equally entertaining on their own. Chuck’s skill on the trumpet was mesmerizing, as was Randy’s superb organ technique. Yet you could tell they weren’t there to show their skills. They were there making sure you had a great time, and to transport you on a musical journey—one that I’ll never forget. Thanks Chuck and Randy for being a delight to work with from start to finish!”

Quinn Moss, Director of Music, Morrison UMC, Leesburg, FL  4/1/22

“The Seipp/Sheets Duo dazzled as they put on a beautifully crafted organ and trumpet recital that covered the entire gamut of repertoire from beloved favorites to even the serious music lovers’ delights. Seipp utilized a forest of trumpets, showed off his virtuosity, impeccable articulation, tremendous phrasing and musicality, and even juggling skills while Sheets pulled out all the stops, displaying great soloistic and collaborative abilities on organ and piano. A truly great performance!”

Randy Lee, Professor of Trumpet, The University of Florida

“Chuck Seipp and Randall Sheets of the Seipp/Sheets Duo gave a virtuosic, world-class performance last night for a very enthusiastic audience of the Mispillion Performance Series. The program was unique, diverse and very entertaining, featuring pieces composed by Bach and Mussorgsky to John Philip Sousa and Freddie Mercury, and ending with a poignant and emotionally delivered tribute to our Armed Forces.  The concert was enhanced by a  synchronized video production displayed on  a large screen with imagery that at times was entertaining and at other times emotional and beautiful, all of which was much enjoyed by the audience.  The entire program was masterfully executed by both Seipp and Sheets with great sensitivity, precision and balance, and they filled the hall with exquisite sound.  The impeccable musicianship these two displayed last night will not soon be forgotten.  Thank you both so very much for sharing your gift of music with us.”                                                                                  Jody Stein, Director, Mispillion Performance Series, Rehoboth Beach, DE

“The audience loved the masterful artistry of this trumpet/organ duo. It was the highlight of our concert series.”                                                                                                                                            Gary Lamb-Commander (Retired), The United States Army Band, “Pershing’s Own”

“I can’t thank you enough for providing such an outstanding event for our
AGO chapter and the Moorestown community. Your program was challenging
and interesting, but what came across throughout was the joy of sharing
music with the audience. It was an inspiring concert!”
Vernon Williams, Dean, Southwest Jersey Chapter of the American Guild of Organists

   “You are two of the finest performers anywhere. Fabulous recital from the first note to the last. You are such virtuoso yet incredibly sensitive musicians and everything you play complements the other. What a treat for all of us to see and hear what really is possible and talk about versatility! Your sound is so beautiful and flows so fluently. I have no words to adequately describe what I heard from your duo. Your dazzling technique doesn’t seem technical, just rich, glorious sound.”

Carter Eggers, Professor of Trumpet, Eastern Michigan University, Retired

“Fantastic musicianship, great programming…the audience was blown away”

Jo Hodgin, Commissioner~Virginia Commission for the Arts

 “The Seipp/Sheets Duo played with sensitivity and brio, with comic glee and utter seriousness, with thoughtful attention to musical tradition and an eye to contemporary composition and nuance. They left the audience wishing for more when the concert was over.”

Mark Looker, Director, Kreft Arts Program, Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI

 “The abilities of this consummate musical duo to connect with the audience on both emotional   and intellectual levels provided the foundation for an inspiring performance epitomizing the very highest standards of programming, musicianship, and musical integrity.”

Roger Stoner-Professor of Music (Trumpet), Retired, University of Kansas

“The Seipp/Sheets Duo presented a splendid concert program, combining tremendous instrumental technique and artistry in all respects along with engaging programming. The balanced program delivered something to appeal to listeners of all types. A wonderful evening!”                                                                                                                                                                         John Helgen-Director/Composer/Arranger, Roseville Lutheran Church, Roseville, MN

“The Seipp/Sheets Trumpet and Organ Duo are returning for a third season and are the most entertaining duo to ever grace the Chapel.”

Friends of Music Concert Series, The Village Chapel, Bald Head Island, NC

 Sunday’s recital at Ft. Myer’s Old Post Chapel was an absolutely stunning triumph. Seipp met every musical challenge with a brilliant technique and gorgeous tone, switching among his array of trumpets with aplomb. Sheets proved to be not only a sympathetic partner at the organ and piano but also a virtuoso soloist in his own right.”

Roy Guenther-Professor Emeritus of Music and Executive Associate Dean Emeritus, GWU, DC

 “The Seipp/Sheets Duo varied, exciting and virtuoso performance and ability to relate with their audience are only a few of the superlative      attributes of this duo. Audiences leave with smiles on their faces knowing that they have heard music making of the highest caliber.”

Steven Cooksey-Organ Professor Emeritus, Shenandoah Conservatory

 “It was my pleasure to enjoy the Seipp/Sheets Trumpet and Organ Duo recently at First Presbyterian Church, Saginaw, MI.   They are extremely sensitive to each other’s role in this collaborative effort, and there were times that I could not tell who was playing what.That speaks well to Randall Sheets’s use of the organ and to Chuck Seipp’s role as the solo instrumentalist. Their program featured music of many different styles and periods of music for trumpet and organ and was very well received by the audience. This is no ordinary collaboration of musicians: they are well worth hearing if they are performing in your area of the country.”

Steven Egler, Professor of Music Emeritus (Organ), Central Michigan University

 “Your stunning arrangements and variety of repertoire made the evening memorable for everyone. Our community is still talking about your wonderful performance.”

David Reynolds-Department Head, Trumpet Professor, South Dakota State University

“The Seipp Sheets Duo gave an amazing performance! Not only were we impressed with Chuck and Randy’s level of artistry but we were also very much entertained. Everyone I spoke with after the concert was dazzled by what they heard and saw.”                                                     Vicki Nichols, Sub-Dean, Southwest Jersey Chapter of the American Guild of Organists


“Chuck and Randy refreshed us, inspired us and filled our space with a wonderful combination of an excellent musical presentation and enthusiasm for their art.”

Catherine Nance-Director of Music, St. John’s United Methodist, Aiken, SC

“The concert was fabulous last night! I love seeing the organ put to good use, and played as it is intended. My band students were “blown away” by your playing! Randall’s performance was brilliant! Your performance was extraordinary. We all loved it!”

 Ed Richards-Director of Music/Bandmaster, Randolph-Macon Academy, VA

  “A great musical compliment to each other, combined a fantastic program. ‘Elegy’ will be in my mind’s eye and ears for years to come”        

Jeffery Honoré-Director of Music, Holy Apostles Catholic Parish, New Berlin, WI

“Our audience loved your performance, our best concert ever! An amazing and wonderfully crafted program that ended on such a high and emotional note with the salute to veterans”

   Frank Zimmerman-Concert Series Chair, Bethany Lutheran Church, Crystal Lake, IL

“An amazing concert! Astonishing musicianship coupled with your humble hearts exceeded all expectations!”

   Craig Williams-Organist/Choirmaster, United States Military Academy, West Point, NY

 “The Seipp/Sheets Duo provided an afternoon of stellar music and convivial entertainment for our concert series in Saginaw. Chuck and Randy are consummate professionals who play with a superb degree of musicianship. The tribute to our veterans was particularly moving.  I had a church member tell me that she was brought to tears by the Armed Forces Medley. Thank you for a most memorable afternoon!”

 Collin Whitfield, Director of Music Ministries, First Presbyterian Church, Saginaw, MI

 “Thank you for the wonderful tour de force concert you presented in Brevard. Your terrific program was performed with such great skill, technique and musicality. The salute to the veterans was greatly appreciated by those attending. My appreciation for your superb performance!”

Charlie Steele-Director/Organist, Brevard-Davidson River Presbyterian Church, Brevard, NC

“You guys were FANTASTIC! Every place I turn people are still RAVING about it. Your recital is being called a New York night! Thanks to you and Chuck for such stimulating playing. Two great artists make for an unbelievably thrilling evening.”

James Kriewald-Organist Christ Episcopal Church, Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA

Praise for The Wedding Book CD

THE WEDDING BOOK: Ceremonial Music for Trumpet and Organ. Chuck Seipp,
trumpet, and Mary Mozelle, organ. IV/106 Aeolian-Skinner organ (1970)
of National Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C.

“From the very first note on this disc, the expertise of recording engineer Ed Kelly is evident. The building is a music-friendly one, however, as is the instrument, which is ‘….considered one of the finest and last examples of the mature American Classic Style of organ building.’ It has divisions at the front and rear of the building, each of which is superbly represented. The musical talents of the performers are manifest as well: they are individually masterful, and work wonderfully together. The arrangements are available from Mr. Seipp, and should be in the library of every church organist, as they are lively, balanced, and only moderately difficult, for the most part. Of course, two competent professional made the disc: nevertheless, it is a store-house of suggestions for the organist to make to the bride and groom. The selection ranges from trumpet pieces to vocal pieces to orchestral pieces, all of which might normally be heard in weddings at one point or another. It is even a delightful disc to hear, surprisingly listenable. Strongly recommended for all purposes.”

The American Organist Review, September 2006

For those who only know Mouret’s Rondeau as “the Masterpiece Theater theme,” this is the perfect CD to match well-known tunes with their name and composer. The quality of the performances also makes it a delight for those more familiar with these pieces. Recorded in the resonant sanctuary of The National Presbyterian Church, home of one of the great organs of the city of Washington, the artistry on this CD is immediately apparent. Chuck Seipp’s trumpet playing is flawless, stylish, and assured; Mary Mozelle’s commanding organ playing is not merely accompanying, but a full partner in these selections. A first-rate effort by two well-known local artists!

Yvonne Caruthers, Cellist – National Symphony Orchestra

The Wedding Book is filled with beautiful trumpet playing: colorful, expressive, and virtuosic. The opening Ablassen is just stunning, and after that Chuck and his excellent organist Mary Mozelle, take us through a wide variety of repertoire often associated with wedding ceremonies, but it truly stands on its own merit as interesting music that is really enjoyable. The overall mood is one of celebration, both triumphant and meditative, and I would recommend it to any music lover without reservation.

Chris Gekker, trumpeter

The Wedding Book CD is a comprehensive collection of music for trumpet and organ for any occasion. Chuck Seipp and Mary Mozelle play with passion and precision. The fanfares are stirring and uplifting. The lyrical pieces give comfort. Seipp has a vocal approach which makes it a pleasure to listen to him. Seipp and Mozelle collaborate well together in presenting these classic works with a sense of freshness and joy. I can recommend The Wedding Book CD to anyone interested in planning an important family event or to anyone who just wants to listen to fine performances of great music for trumpet and organ.

Janet Frank, cellist – National Symphony Orchestra

Every Bride should have this wonderful Trumpet and Organ CD recorded at The National Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. with artists Chuck Seipp and Mary Mozelle performing 24 of the best Classical selections of great music for the wedding ceremony. Processionals, recessionals and lyrical selections for prelude and for during the service, the bride will have lots to choose from in this great recording! Everything from Clarke’s Voluntary to Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring, all the great classics are on this recording! Why listen to recordings of an orchestra playing these wonderful tunes when most likely the wedding will take place in a church where there will be a pipe organ and possibly a trumpeter? With this CD a bride can hear exactly how her choices will sound with the great pipe organ at The National Presbyterian Church under the skillful touch of Associate Organist Mary Mozelle and the brilliant sounds of the great trumpeter, Chuck Seipp.

Editorial review,

I was able to picture myself walking down the aisle to the music on this compact disc. I am getting married in about a month, and have been trying to find organ music appropriate for a Catholic ceremony that I could pre-listen to at home. All of the selections on this CD are appropriate for the formal Catholic mass. The rendition of Ave Maria brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it, as it’s always been a favorite of mine, and I had never heard it so beautifully played. My only regret is that my wedding is in the Midwest, and I can’t ask Mr. Seipp or Ms. Mozelle to play at my ceremony. Beautifully created and a joy to listen to.

Customer review,, 5/4/05

I am getting married in just two short months. I know very little about what kind of music should be played and The Wedding Book really helped. It made me aware of all the music that needed to be played (I had no idea). It helped prepare me to meet the organist. He appreciated it too. And, now I listen to the CD on my way back from work to calm me down. It is incredibly romantic and soothing.

Customer review,, 4/26/05