Chuck Seipp is available as a performer for weddings, concerts, recitals, church services, brass quintet performances, guest soloist with orchestras or bands, masterclasses, trumpet and organ demo CD recording, contract work, and concert duos with organ. Please contact for more information.


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Chuck is one of the most experienced wedding trumpet players in the D.C. area having played for well over 1,000 ceremonies. Trumpet and organ is a wonderful combination for music of the church wedding. If the wedding is not in a church, or organ accompaniment is not the preference, Chuck has music and access to talented brass and string players for the couple’s desired ensemble.

Watch Chuck perform many of The Wedding Book selections
with acclaimed organist Diane Bish.

Church Services

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Music for solo trumpet or various ensembles available for church events and Sunday services.

Chuck often performs this arrangement of Amazing Grace for church services and recitals. He produced this video to pay tribute to the men and women who have served in our nation’s military.

Recitals/Concert Series/Events

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Trumpet and Piano, Trumpet and Strings, Trumpet and Organ or Brass Quintet (Commonwealth Brass) are performance groups Chuck leads for any special occasion. Great musicians performing great music to entertain for any audience.

Recital Recordings

Guest Soloist

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Chuck is available to solo with High School, Community or College Bands and Orchestras. Sandstone and Marble for Trumpet and Band, by Adam Levowitz, was written for Chuck and is a great addition to the trumpet solo with band repertoire. A rehearsal recording is available to hear on this site.

Sandstone and Marble for Trumpet and Band

Carnival of Venice (live with one finger!)

Options for trumpet solo and Band or Orchestra include but not limited to:

  • Bach – Concerto BWV 972
  • Curnow – Concert Piece
  • Haydn – Concerto
  • Hummel – Concerto
  • Neruda – Concerto
  • Levowitz – Sandstone and Marble (Written especially for Chuck Seipp & The US Army Band, Pershing’s Own)
  • Arutunian – Concerto
  • Truax – Fantasie
  • Clarke – Carnival of Venice
  • Clarke – Bride of the Waves
  • Bach – Hungarian Melodies
  • Ewazen – Sonata
  • Goedicke – Concert Etude
  • Kennan – Sonata
  • Reed – Ode for Trumpet
  • La Virgin de la Macarena
  • Mozart – Concerto


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In-home studio for any age trumpet student with desire to improve skills.


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Chuck has many talented musician friends in the D.C. area to perform for any occasion.

Master Classes

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Trumpet Master Classes available for College, High School and Middle School levels.

Chuck Seipp Master Class Topics

Entrepreneurship – Side hustles to make a life in music today.

Recital Preparation – How to play the performance you deserve.

Routine – Daily trumpet fundamentals to build a strong foundation.

Peak Performance – Enjoy performance through managing breath, embouchure, mind & music.

5 things for immediate improvement – Posture, breath, gut, 5-point embouchure & pressure.

Sound & Response – Concept, Listen, Match, Soft/Loud.

Musicality – Making notes on the page come alive while setting your performance free.

Articulation, Slurring and Flexibility – What to do with your tongue?

Endurance – Keys to better your stamina.

Chops – Lips, 4 corners, nose, teeth, pressure, flow, support….all dependent on each other.

Note Connection – How to do it and it’s benefits!

Military Bands – Audition expectations, how to get there and when you are there.

Arranging – Writing for any ensemble and how to make them sound great.

The World of Gigging – How to act like a pro and get called again.

Video & Audio – Audition and social media recording how-to.

Private Teaching – Why teach, how to get students, and what to teach and what to expect.

Networking – Finding the next gig.

Website and social media – How to connect.

Mock Wedding/Church Gig Experience – Trumpet Studio prepares music supplied by Seipp from his publication “The Wedding Book”. Trumpet studio rehearsal with Seipp discussing style and all the skills necessary for a successful gig. Followed by studio performance with organist simulating a gig experience.

Wedding Demo CD Recording

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With digital recording equipment, Chuck will come to your church and record trumpet and organ selections for a personalized demo CD to help brides choose appropriate wedding music. A time saver for organists and appreciated service to brides, illustrating music options to help finalize selections for the wedding.

Recordings and Videos

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  •  Duo Videos availble to see on this website
  • Duo NEW 2020 Recording for Trumpet & Organ recorded at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, D.C.
  •  “Live at the Monastery” for Trumpet & Organ recorded at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, D.C.
  •  “The King of Instruments & The Instrument of Kings” Trumpet & Organ recorded at The Old Post Chapel, Ft. Myer, VA
  • “Ceremonial Music” for Trumpet & Organ recorded at The Old Post Chapel, Ft. Myer, VA
  • The Wedding Book CD “Ceremonial Music for Trumpet & Organ” recorded at The National Presbyterian Church with Mary Mozelle
  • Wedding Demo CD’s with area organists
  • Wedding Demo CD by The Commonwealth Brass Quintet

Trumpet & Organ / Trumpet & Piano Concert Duos


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